I’m in love with iWeb

True confession: I went from Mac Hater to Mac Lover in the course of one hour.

I’m a PC person — I use PCs at home and, most of the time, at work. I do, however, teach one class on Macs. It was like trying to speak a foreign language. I’d try to hit my shortcut buttons and they didn’t work. Everything was in a different place. I didn’t know what I was doing, and quite frankly, blamed the Mac instead of me.

And then last week I was introduced to iWeb, the fabulous web site creation program on Macs. I’m in love. The designs (most of them, anyway) are beautiful and it is incredibly easy to use. Although I know HTML and CSS, I didn’t have to use any. And that got me thinking: What if this program — or one like it — could be used on multimedia news sites?

Not only would the sites be cleaner and easier to use for the news consumer, but it also would be easy for almost anyone on staff to update and tweak the sites. (Admit it, most news sites are not beautiful.)

And now I’m off to figure out a way to talk my husband into getting a Mac … 🙂


One response to “I’m in love with iWeb

  1. My gosh … I totally know what you mean. I’m a PC person, too, only because that’s the type of computer I’ve had at work.

    I teach a class now in a Mac lab, and I fell like the biggest idiot, asking the students — how do I cut and paste on this.

    The thing is so many people I respect say once you go Mac you never go back. So your post gives me hope.

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