Oh so not teckie

I asked students in one of my classes today how many knew how to do a screen capture. One. One student out of 30 knew how to do a screen capture.

I shouldn’t be shocked, yet it always seems to surprise me when they don’t know tech tools, especially simple ones. Are they just not curious? Are they afraid? Neither attribute is a solid start for a journalist.

I prefer to think they simply believe that some IT/computer whiz works his/her magic and makes all these online things happen. And I’m determined to show them that they, too, can be this mysterious IT/computer whiz. (And I’m happy to report almost all took notes on how to do screen captures.)


One response to “Oh so not teckie

  1. Scarlett Heydt

    As a journalism student, I too ponder some of the skills my school insists we spend so much time on, and the ones they never teach us. I think it’s silly to try to teach college students about Facebook when some people still don’t know how to make a public records request. There’s a lot of overlap in many of my classes but definitely some gaps too.

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