Moving piece on the future of journalism

In a week that has seen news of massive cuts across the news industry, particularly at Gannett, a piece by Chris Stanfield seems to ring even more true. Stanfield wonders “Who will bail out the Fourth Estate?”

His piece, which I urge you to read, compares the Wall Street bailout and the state of the news industry. He says:

Until our nation (and more specifically, our industry) can answer the question – how much is enough – and until we can break the chains of greed from within our own walls, I sincerely doubt much innovation will take place. Last but not least, let us not forget that behind our greatest asset are the people who produce it.

We have to stop laying them off.

We have to stop letting them leave for PR jobs.

We have to stop ignoring the passion they bring to the table and start to capitalize on it.

I could not agree more. Instead of getting rid of experienced journalists, seize their ideas. Instead of imitating everyone else, newspapers need to produce GOOD journalism, journalism that people need. I don’t see how you can produce good journalism with less.


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