Fewer reporters=watchdog journalism?

After 59 jobs were cut, the Democrat and Chronicle has expanded its watchdog/investigative reporting team from two to three reporters. So says Karen Magnuson, editor and vice president of news at the Gannett paper.

She mentions budget challenges, but writes:

I truly believe we editors have a special calling. We have a mission like no other in serving our communities. No matter what the challenge is, we must uphold our First Amendment responsibilities by shining a light on things that would otherwise go unreported.

I applaud the commitment to watchdog journalism. I just hope they can do it. The Gannett job cuts have practical implications that cannot be ignored. Daily news still needs to get covered, yet fewer people are there to do it. And from what I’ve heard of the D&C job cuts, more experienced journalists were let go than less experienced journalists.

Godspeed, Karen Magnuson and the D&C’s watchdog team. I look forward to following this.


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