WNY and CNY media on Twitter

Carlos Granier-Phelps at NewMedia Strategy has a great list of news organizations on Twitter. The list is updated with comments by posters aware of other media on Twitter. (Erica Smith has a similar fabulous list with many newspapers on twitter here.)

This got me thinking:  What Western New York and Central New York news media are on Twitter? I know the Buffalo News is not, or at least not that I can find. (Come on, Buffalo News, Syracuse University’s Daily Orange is on twitter but you are not?!).

Here’s my list. If you know of any that I left out, please let me know.

Buffalo area

Buffalo News: none found

WIVB-TV: @news4buffalo

WGRZ-TV: @2onyourside

WKBW-TV: none found

Rochester Area:

Democrat & Chronicle: @DandC

WROC-TV: @news_8

WHEC-TV: @news10nbc


R News: @R_News

Syracuse Area:

The Post-Standard: @syracuse.com and @PostStandard

(Many PS writers, editors and sections are also on Twitter, too.)

WTVH-TV: none found

WSYR-TV: @newschannel9

WIXT-TV: none found

WCNY-TV: none found


6 responses to “WNY and CNY media on Twitter

  1. Man, I know all sorts of folks over at the Buffalo News, and it has a great Web site. I’m surprised there aren’t any folks on Twitter.

    Does Artvoice have any Twitter accounts? (I used to write for them when I was at UB, you know!)

  2. I’ve only been able to find two individuals from the Buffalo News on Twitter. One is their technology writer, who is @buffaloscribe. He’s got 142 followers, and his tweets are funny but don’t seem like any kind of news tweets. Perhaps I’m wrong about that.

    The only other Buffalo News person I’ve been able to find with a Twitter account is an intern who hasn’t tweeted in seven months.

    It is surprising. It seems like this would be an easy thing for the paper to do to drive up traffic. The cynical side of me wonders if the lack of Twitter has anything to do with the Union because it would increase the workload.

    Alas, I’ve had no luck finding Artvoice on Twitter but I hope I will! I’m a UBer, too. I’m finishing up my Ph.D. there. Good to meet you!

  3. bloggingmom67

    Great list! Thanks, Marsha.

    At The Post-Standard in Syracuse, here are some individual folks on Twitter.

    @bloggingmom67 (that’s me)

  4. Thanks for the information, Gina. That’s great!

  5. What about Buffalo Rising? What are they doing with it?

  6. Buffalo Rising is @BuffaloRising. I only looked at traditional media for my post, but Buffalo Rising is there. Thanks for bringing it up, Daniel.

    On the non-traditional side there is also @wnymedia.

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