FOI request hits close to home

The Buffalo News reports that one day before News sports reporter Tom Borrelli fell to his death on stairs while covering a game at a Buffalo school those same stairs had been inspected by the state.

That state inspection uncovered five safety violations that led to charges filed in January —  roughly two months after Borrelli’s death from injuries sustained in the fall.

How did the News learn this? Through a Freedom of Information request to the New York State Labor Department’s Public Employee Safety and Health Bureau.

The story details warnings ignored and cost-cutting measures that led to the accident that killed Borrelli, a member of the National Lacrosse League’s Hall of Fame. This story leaves one feeling that Borrelli’s life was needlessly lost. Sadly, in the end, it will be the students of the Buffalo school district who end up paying for the stupidity that led to Borrelli’s death, as the district now faces a potential lawsuit on top of  the cost of the repairs.


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