Buffalo News layoffs won’t start for at least a week

No layoffs will happen at the Buffalo News until the end of next week at the earliest, the Buffalo Newspaper Guild states on its web site.

The Buffalo News says it may have to lay off up to 52 employees.  The Guild, which represents about 325 News employees — including newsroom/editorial staff — is trying to find $2.9 million in cuts to prevent that from happening. In total, the News is looking to cut $15 million in expenses, the Guild says. The paper lost money in November, December and January, with the greatest amount at $714,000 in November, the Guild reports.

The Guild is asking its members to “be prepared to do your part if future workplace actions are necessary.”

There was a day when I would read “workplace actions” from a union statement and think “strike.” Sadly, in the current newsroom environment, I think the phrase “workplace actions” can now be translated as “sacrifices.”


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