Why can’t online newspaper link?!

I love the Buffalo News.  I really do.

But give me a break.

In an ONLINE story about how the city of Buffalo government is releasing salary data online, the readers were given this direction.

The address for Buffalo’s Web site is http://www.city-buffalo.com. The salary data was originally posted on the home page under “Mayor Brown’s Transparent Government Initiative.” Late this afternoon, the title for the posting was changed to “City of Buffalo Employee Salary Information.”

NO hypertext. NO links. NO joke.

In essence, I view this as sending the following message:

“Dear Reader,

We know you understand all this newfangled web stuff, but we don’t. We’re going to try to help you, but this is the best we can do.

Or, if you don’t accept that explanation, how’s this? We’re too lazy to update the story for our web site.

Oh, but trust us to get details right.


Your Newspaper”

I don’t think newspapers are dead. But they can’t bury their heads in the sand. They’ve got to keep up. Links are not too much for a reader to expect.

Shame on you, Buffalo News.


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