Paperboy: The video game

Paperboy arcade game

Paperboy arcade game

Ah, memories.

I recently saw an old Paperboy arcade game. The 1980s game had players take the paperboy through a variety of adventures and obstacles to deliver the paper to subscribers (and to throw extra papers at non-subscribers). You win by successfully delivering a week’s worth of newspapers to your subscribers.

My nostalgia led me on a hunt to find out the history of Paperboy. Did you know Paperboy has its own Wikipedia link and that there was a version that allowed you to choose to be  a Papergirl instead of a Paperboy? To my surprise, I also learned a version of Paperboy was released for XBox 360 in 2007.

It’s ironic, to say the least, that a video version of Paperboy might outlive the “career” itself. I wonder:  If we threw newspapers at non-subscribers like Paperboy, could we get them to subscribe?


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