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Project for Excellence in Journalism site must see

If you’ve never been to the Project for Excellence in Journalism web site, you are missing a lot.thumbsup

I’m hooked on the Weekly News Coverage Index, which examines what stories get the most coverage. But there’s so much more there for journajunkies like me.

For researchers, downloadable data on close to 71,000 news stories are available. For journalists, teachers and students, a list of journalism resources. For the curious, an annual State of the News Media report.

Page after page is full of information about journalism and what gets covered. It’s a journajunkie’s dream.

Viewing those missing web pages

Have you ever googled a name or group only to find that the page you want has been changed or removed?

I learned a cool trick to solve that problem from one of my students, Amanda Seef.

Use Internet Archive, put in the URL and voila!

It worked for me. I had googled a person’s name, and the page with all his biographical information had been removed. I put the URL for that page into Internet Archive and up the page came.  I printed it out and had the information I needed.

Thanks, Amanda! It just goes to show that teachers can learn a lot from their students, too.

Zotero makes research, screen caps easy

If you don’t know about Zotero, your life is about to become easier.

Zotero is free software that helps you do research. It is a Firefox extension that allows you to keep PDFs, screen caps and citations. If you are doing academic work, it will even keep the citations in your preferred style (APA, for example).

Want to collect screen caps (images of web sites on your screen)? Zotero makes it easy. Press the Zotero button and it’s done. And, better than some other ways of screen capping I’ve tried, Zotero captures the full page. I can scroll down to the end.

The only negative to Zotero is it stays with your browser on your computer, so if you work on multiple computers, you’ll need to transfer work on a flash drive.

I’m working on a paper on college newspaper web sites and Zotero has already helped me do screen caps and get organized. If it can help me get organized, it can help anyone. 🙂