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Playing the J-School Name Game

This story is probably familiar to many of you.

I have a wonderful journalism student. She’s done everything she’s supposed to do.

  • Internships? Check. She’s had great internships at local newspapers and a regional magazine.
  • School work? Check. She goes above and beyond.
  • Hard worker? Absolutely. She’s a go-getter, no doubt about it.

The only thing she has not done is go to a journalism school with a top-tier national reputation.

The school where I teach is not Columbia or Missouri or Syracuse. It’s a good, small, public college in Upstate New York. And now that this stellar student is looking for jobs — or even internships — at larger publications, she’s finding it difficult to compete against the students with the J-School Name.

Last night this student came to me to ask what she can do. I told her to keep trying, that sometimes it’s about perseverance, luck and timing. I also told her that ultimately, she might want to consider graduate school at a top journalism school. I have no doubt she’d get in and thrive.

Dear Reader, what should I tell this student? Do you have any advice?