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Copy editors spank Zell

Wonder what copy editors do?

Well this great piece by the American Copy Editors Society explains it and takes the Tribune’s Sam Zell to task at the same time.

My hat is off to you, ACES. Keep it coming.

Gov accused of trying to pressure Tribune

First bankruptcy, now bribery.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich:

Blagojevich and Harris conspired to demand the firing of Chicago Tribune editorial board members responsible for editorials critical of Blagojevich in exchange for state help with the sale of Wrigley Field, the Chicago Cubs baseball stadium owned by Tribune Co.

The one truly great thing about this is it points to the power of the press. If newspapers are truly dying and have no influence, why was Blagojevich allegedly going to such great means to quiet critical voices?


Tribune Co. considering bankruptcy

I can’t believe it. I toured the Chicago Tribune last summer and thought it was a model for what newspapers need to be in today’s world. It had an online operation in its main newsroom along with a small TV “studio” (a camera, a screen, a chair) where reporters could do broadcast interviews or reports.

Now I read that the Tribune Co. is considering Chapter 11. So sad.