Continuing coverage of the Buffalo crash

These aren’t stories I want to read.

However, I can’t help myself.

The Buffalo News is continuing to do an outstanding job covering the aftermath of the fatal crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407.

Case in point:  Today the News published the name and story of the final previously unnamed passenger on the doomed flight, graduate student Dipinder Sidha.

Throughout the days, weeks and months following the crash, the News did not give up on publishing the stories of those who died in that day — despite the fact the some names were not released by the airlines or, in some cases, the families.

The News’s coverage of the National Transportation Safety Board’s hearings on the flight includes stories on the event and the families, an animation of the flight’s final minutes, a live webcast of the hearings and links to NTSB reports on the crash.

It’s a multimedia treasure trove of all one might want to know about the doomed flight. It’s a great public service for all those, whether in Buffalo or elsewhere, who were gripped by the crash.

One can only hope that such public acknowledgment that the crash might have been prevented will lead to changes in training and staffing of airline pilots.

Good job, Buffalo News.


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