Advanced Media Writing course

I’m teaching an old class with a new outlook this fall. It’s called Advanced Media Writing, and in the past, its topic was determined by the person who taught it. That meant it could be journalism or PR, depending on the teacher.

Now, the course is supposed to be a hybrid course that teaches all types of writing to all types of people. The problem is finding materials that are neither too basic nor too advanced. It’s a higher level course, but the broadcast people have never written for print and/or online, and the print people have not written for broadcasting.

My struggle is, as the field becomes converged, is teaching set styles for set mediums an antiquated notion? I worry that what this class really should focus on is writing and packaging stories — whether they be print, broadcast or PR — for online.

I guess I better stop dallying and choose a plan of action. Book orders are already overdue. Shall I throw a dart and predict the future?


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